We have been looking into the most popular animal luxury experiences from around the world and are happy to have handpicked the must-do animal experiences in Africa that are unlike any other.

Experiential travel is about the desire to visit places untouched by the news cycle, while luxury travel is being able to travel without sacrificing our personal preferences and comfort zones. As information continues to flow online, it is easy to be confused or misled, as for every “fact” there is also a “counterfact” which looks identical online.

There is no doubt that Africa is the most famous safari destination, with rare and beautiful animals, dramatic landscapes, and amazing adventure activities. A sight to behold is the world’s greatest animal migration through Tanzania, combined with an encounter with rare mountain gorillas with striking personalities and human like behaviour. Here are the must-see animal experiences:

Pre-animal Migration Safari By Singita Resorts

One of the most popular attractions for animal lovers in East Africa is the annual migration, where hundreds of thousands of zebras and over a million wildebeest and other game follow the rain for more than 2,800 kilometres. Witnessing this natural phenomenon as the animals move through the Serengeti is truly a once in a lifetime experience. But after witnessing it first hand, the pre-animal migration is even better. To watch the herds getting together in a collective mass community while still enjoying the safari with very few people makes it the perfect experience and photographic moment. There is nothing better out there that can compete with Singita Resorts and its own private reserve park. Safaris fall into two categories – national parks, which are open to the public; and private reserves, which are more exclusive.

The resort offers better quality safari vehicles and guides who can create for you the best game viewing experience. The off-road safaris are personalized and interactive and play a decisive role in what you wish to look for. In other words, you’re free to follow the species of your choice. The experience is further enhanced by the correct following distances and vehicle placement, so as not to cause the animals discomfort, while providing the best possible views and photographic opportunities. Usually somewhere toward the midpoint of a morning game drive, a carefully thought out spot will be selected and adorned with a neatly set up tea table.Only the game viewing vehicles belonging to the lodges.

Situated in the conservancy or reserve are allowed to drive on the land, making it more exclusive. You can also experience a night drive from the lodge after dinner, in search of nocturnal animals such as aardvarks and leopards hunting by moonlight.

Meet The Gorillas By One&Only Resorts

Once you have tasted the Singita safari experience, it is more than likely you will be hooked for the gorilla treks, not far away and something that should be on every luxury animal lover’s bucket list. The sight of alpha gorillas that can tower up to six feet in height, and the gentleness they display is truly mesmerizing. Revel in the natural beauty and wonders by staying at One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, set in the foothills of the Virunga volcano. Each of the hotel’s 43 rooms are simply appointed with en-suite facilities, a flush toilet and a hot shower.

The rooms all look outwards into the Eucalyptus forest, pyrethrum farms and the shambas beyond. The lodge is well constructed, with grass thatched roofs in traditional Rwandese style.

From animal migration to the majestic safari, we are particularly excited to see the popularity of safari animals. And the above experiences are just the beginning of where you can go when you love animals.


  1. Travelling to East Africa, the most convenient way is via Tanzania or Kenya, as it takes less travel time.
  2. Visas for Tanzania and Kenya can now be applied for online for Indonesian passport holders, while for Singaporeans they are visa free. The average process is about four to five days.
  3. Make a copy of your passport to keep in your bag.
  4. Have some cash, but not too much, as ATMs are hard to find.
  5. Yellow fever inoculation is mandatory to enter East Africa. But dREAMSCAPE’s concierge service will arrange for a private session.
  6. Use soft luggage only and keep it at 15kg. Maximum weight by paying extra is 30kg. The private chartered flight does not take more than 30kg per person due to safety issues.
  7. Bring long trousers and sleeved shirts and good closed walking shoes.
  8. Buy an animal pocket dictionary for the safari.
  9. Most importantly – for luxury travel – book your lodge in a private reserve, to experience an exclusive off the beaten track safari that cannot be done in a national park.

Six Wildlife Bucketlist Shortbreaks by dREAMSCAPE

If Africa is too far to travel and you still want to encounter animals, we have a shortlist of suggestions within a short distance that you should not miss:


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