Safari Spa at Nihiwatu

At Safari spa the journey is one part physical and two parts mystical. Combining an actual safari trek on an isolated island off Sumba with healthy green detoxing culinary masterpieces, once you step into your private treatment bale platform, that overlook the southern Indian Ocean, the experience not only nourishes the soul but also boasts a sense of natural isolation rarely seen in today’s world.

Except for the staff which appear as often as instructed and no more, the atmosphere is one of absolute release. Instead of total isolation, the natural flora and fauna of the environment create a feeling of true togetherness with the environment. Spas have become a common fixture of most luxury resorts, but Safari Spa has a few trade elements that set it apart from the competition:

– Walking through the kingdom of Sumba as the animal kingdom around you goes its day is spellbinding.

– Staff really go the extra mile, from the first official greeting to the home made jamu or Indonesian herbal traditional medicine that greets you everyday.

– On-site private white beach. An afternoon alone on a white sand beach is a potent place for introspection.

– The view from the private spa bale is exceptionally mesmerizing. Photos or words do not do its justice and the powerful calming effect.

– Coconuts and coconut water are essential tools used by the skilled staff. Bathing your hair and feet in the water is not only symbolic, it has natural benefits locals have known about for generations.

– Dine at your own bale, at your own pace. Detoxing luncheons served immediately after sessions will leave you speechless with pleasure.

Memorable, refreshing, original and zero boring time Safari Spa is definitely a spa experience to talk about and to be on anyone’s bucket-list.

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