Be A Racing Driver

When Troy Mobb, owner of Cobra International, shared with dREAMSCAPE’s Chief Travel Designer that one of his dreams was for a car racing experience, we did more than just that. We designed a series of car racing courses that would allow Troy to obtain an amateur racing license and participate in a race in real life.

This is the behind the scenes story of our stepby-step bespoke arrangements if money and insurance premiums were no object to become a racing driver.

The dREAMSCAPE team and travel network partners immediately arranged a two fullday one-on-one speed and racing course on a Formula One track in partnership with a certified, and one of the best, European racing instructors from Germany, Sven Herberger.

1. SELF CONTROL To start the course, Troy had to understand the characteristics of his sports car and how to adapt his style to make the most of it. These are all skills that every racing driver needs.

2. OWNING THE TECHNIQUES Here was where the fun started. Troy was given one-on-one training and experience to develop his performance driving techniques.

3. MASTERING THE TRACK Before the racing experience itself, professional car racers walk the whole circuit twice from left to right, looking for every bump on the surface and at every turn. This is important in car racing as drivers memorize the tracks, pick landmarks, calculate braking times and determine the best possible racing lines..

4. THE ACTION Getting behind the wheel and driving at top speed, work your way to the front of the pack to come out as a winner and hear your engine roar! “Completing my beginner level race organized by dREAMSCAPE in a Porsche just brought my dream a little closer to reality,” Troy told us. In fact, Troy was so hooked on the racing experience that he bought a Porsche 911 immediately afterwards.

One-on-one discussion with Sven, the instructor to master holding the car wheel at 9 and 3. Although at some point your arms will be crossed over each other, it’s important to keep those hands there.
Troy (middle) celebrated by two of his private car racing instructors, Sven Herberger a professional instructor from German and Tommy Lee,a former car racer
Mastering and owning the racing line. The racing line is the fastest line or arc through a corner on a race circuit. The goal is to always carry as much speed in the braking zone, through the corner and onto the next straight.
Skid control. One of the most frightening, not to mention most dangerous experiences for a driver is a skid, when reduced traction causes a loss of steering and braking control.
Breaking before turn practice. Right before turning, hit the brakes hard and deliberately — with about 80 percent-90 percent of full braking force, then gradually let off the brake as you go through the turn

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