Unforgettable Skiing on the Slopes of Courchevel

Located in the French Alps, Courchevel is part of Les Trois Vallees, the largest linked ski area in the world.

Whether you are an advanced skier in search of an adrenalin rush, or an adventurous beginner looking to learn to ski in style, Courchevel has something for everyone.

Courchevel is part of one of the largest linked ski areas in the world, with three valleys with a total of 600 kilometres of pistes and 150km of slopes to explore.

With 150 kilometres of alpine ski runs served by 58 lifts, for beginners fun ZEN (Zones for the Evolution of Novices) areas have been especially created for you to ski in complete safety, while the 19 green and 35 blue runs will help you get to grips with the slopes. For more experienced skiers, 34 red and eight black runs enable you to put your technique and skills to the test. Whatever your level of expertise, choose your itinerary and set off to enjoy some unforgettable days of skiing. 

Gentle slopes surrounded by magnificent landscapes, easily accessible ski lifts, magic carpet lifts, complete beginners will soon become expert skiers in Courchevel.

As the best way to learn how to ski is on a well-maintained piste with a gentle slope in a safe and enclosed area, there are four ZEN areas: Courchevel – Pralong ZEN (alongside the ski tows at La Ferme and the Altiport); Courchevel – Golf ZEN (accessed by the Jardin Alpin cable car; two magic carpet lifts in the area); Courchevel Moriond – Mickey ZEN (alongside the Mickey ski tow); and Courchevel Le Praz: Envolée ZEN (alongside the Envolée ski tow). 

While for advanced skiing there is the whole Saulire/Creux sector with its impressive network of red and black runs at altitudes of 2,000m–2,700m: Grand Couloir (Black); Saulire (Red); Combe des Pylônes (Black); M (Black); Marmottes (Red); Suisses (Black); Turcs (Black); Park City (Red); Creux (Red); Roches Grises (Black); Jean Pachod (Red); and Chanrossa (Black). 

The black runs towards Le Praz, and especially Jean Blanc and Jockeys, are beautiful spots and ideal when visibility is not so good. 

All across the Courchevel Valley and Les Trois Vallees there are a number of dedicated areas for discovering freestyle skiing and other new ways of enjoying the snow. 

The Fun Park – a fun and easy natural canyon to be enjoyed without reserve (level: 1st star); The Stop Zone- an area to learn about speed and stopping distances; The Indian Trail – activities around an Indian camp with Grey Wolf and his tribe (tepees, archery, face painting, etc.); Snake Park – fun and accessible boarder-cross run; Avalanche Park – an area to raise skiers’ awareness of avalanches and techniques for searching for victims beneath avalanches; Wood Park: an area equipped with wooden modules (rails, tables) for discovering freestyle; and the Family Park – a snowpark equipped with a boardercross run, rails, tables and jumps. 

Courchevel is multi-faceted with five villages, and five distinct atmospheres.

Climb aboard a hot air balloon and discover the peaceful beauty of the mountains seen from the sky. One of the things that makes Courchevel famous, is that it has so many activities for non-skiers as well.

The resort is spread over five altitudes and each village presents a different face, offers a different view and a different way of approaching the mountain.

The vast array of non-skiing activities is another plus point for a resort which constantly strives to satisfy and amaze its visitors. 

Courchevel should be discovered village by village. There are five of them, which reveal themselves to visitors as they wind their way up the pretty mountain road. 

Saint Bon, the birthplace of Courchevel, and the original village, at an altitude of 1,100m. The Lac Bleu, the first hotel to be built in the resort, has been welcoming guests since 1925. While there are no ski lifts leaving from the village, a free shuttle service runs every 20 minutes to the heart of the ski area from where skiers can return to Saint Bon along a red ski run. 

Courchevel 1300 (Le Praz), has a discreet charm as an authentic mountain village with its traditional houses, chalets and narrow streets, preserving its incredible charm and real village life feel which is very much in evidence 365 days a year. It is the bastion of ski jumping with its majestic Olympic jumps. As for alpine skiing, those who enjoy skiing through forests will love the run linking Le Praz directly with Courchevel 1850. 

There are over over 170 lifts to cover the three valleys. Courchevel 1850 is the centre of skiing in the Courchevel Valley and famous as the home of the world’s most expensive ski resorts.

Courchevel 1550, a young spirit which is the most family oriented offering excellent value for money, fast and direct access to Courchevel 1850, as well as the whole of Les Trois Vallees ski area. The toboggan run, which leaves from 1850 and finishes in 1550, is a thrilling ride for adults and children alike! 

Courchevel 1650 (Moriond). The first ski tow was created in Moriond (the original name of this level of the resort), a sector which basks in the sun thanks to its location on a ledge set back from the relief. The ski area of Courchevel 1650 is predominantly made up of green and blue runs. The combination of these two features makes the resort particularly popular with families. Conviviality is the order of the day and the après-ski is particularly appreciated thanks to the wide variety of activities on offer! 

Courchevel 1850 is a favourite with the rich and famous.

Courchevel 1850, is one big superlative. The rich and famous flock to this most exclusive level which has sealed the resort’s international reputation, with luxury hotels whose excellence has imbued the whole resort.

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