Luxury River Cruise for Forbes Life IV – 2019

Memories and experiences collected through our travel refreshes our minds and help strengthen the important bond with those we travel. One journey to consider is traveling with a themed river cruise that allows you to connect with the local heritage. Forget what you have heard: newer river cruise vessels offer more than upscale, modern hotel.

Take a slower pace to travel across the scattered landmarks, wineries, and dramatic castles within the range of your eyes sight. River cruises offer us the opportunity to get up close and personal with the quaint villages and smaller cities along the stunning natural way. As the ships are far smaller compared to the ocean cruise ships, there are fewer people on board, and therefore intimate experiences are easily more provided with a strong focus on art and culture. We can devote most of our days to exploring the shores and reembark near dusk to dine, sleep, and move to your next  location.


The Danube and Rhine rivers which flow through 10 countries across Eastern and Western Europe serve as the centerpiece for many river cruises. The Danube is a gateway to four capitals, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade– while the Rhine cruises feature Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg and Basel. Taking a boat through this rich countryside allows us to experience picturesque medieval villages. One notable town is Pfalzgrafenstein located in the middle of the water. A stop at the small town of Rudesheim will enable guests to hike. Location selection is essential in river cruising since the destination will shape your on-shore experiences.

Take your kids for a day in Bratislava and join the offshore interactive scavenger hunt through its old-town streets. For the men, try blending your Cognac at Camus, the largest and one of the last remaining family-owned producers in the region. Food lovers can join the ship’s chef and a local culinary specialist on a guided tour to a street market in cities such as Bordeaux, Paris or Belgrade. Alternatively, sit back and enjoy more than 40 castles and fortress as well as churches and spire in rows of steep valleys to admire along the 100-kilometer route.


The mighty Mississippi River is the largest waterway in North America that stretches from Minnesota to New Orleans, running through 32 U.S. states offering experiences from visiting the home of the famous author Mark Twain’s to stepping into the birthplace Elvis Presley of American blues music in Memphis. If you are looking for something more exotic, join for a one-of-a-kind adventure in India by embarking a river cruise in Ganges and head to the site of Kalna’s magnificent Hindu temples. But no river in history has been as influential in shaping our world civilization as the Nile River, and there is no better way than to experience the rhythms of daily life along the Nile River than to cruise from Luxor to Aswan. When you pass along the ancient temples and villages, you will discover the greatest wonders of the Pyramids at Giza to the tombs in the valley of the Kings.


There is a unique feeling of traveling in your own country. Although very limited in the quality of the boat, cruising on a tranquil river in Central Kalimantan surrounded by lush tropical jungle while watching rehabilitated orangutans frolicking in nature reserves is select for those who like to go offthe-beaten-track.

River cruising may be less well-known than ocean cruising, in the world of luxury travel, it has become more popular every year because it can offer better quality off-shore programs in remote places that are often untapped by the regular route. With a beautiful mixture of scenery, big city life, and picturesque villages, see the best of a region, including UNESCO World Heritage sites without the packing and unpacking.

River Cruise Bucket List
1. Danube
2. Rhine
3. Nile
4. Mississipi
5. Dauro
6. Mekong
7. Chobe

Luxury River Cruise Brand
1. Belmond Cruises
2. Crystal River Cruises
3. Scenic River Cruises
4. Aqua Expeditions
5. Uniworld Boutique Cruise


Fitri Tresnawida is the Chief Travel Designer and Managing Director of dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Network & Club and Discover Indonesia. The company has offices in Singapore and Indonesia and specializes in providing luxury and experiential journeys for Asian high-networth and ultra-highnetworth travellers. With 13 years of hands on and on the ground research as an Asia-based luxury travel operator, dREAMSCAPE is designed to understand the minds and habits of Asian experienced and luxury travellers.