Garuda Indonesia Covid-19 Update


Passenger & Document Requirements  

Categories of people that are allowed to travel are as follows:

  • International Flight
    1. Outbound Indonesia: requirements should refer to each destination country’s policy and information on the government, embassy, and related authority’s website
    2. Inbound Indonesia: currently no foreigners are allowed to enter/transit in Indonesia. Exemption policy of foreigners that are allowed to enter Indonesian territory. While there is no restriction for Indonesian Citizens entering Indonesian territory, as long as it follows the document requirement.
  • Domestic Flight
    1. Every person is eligible to travel as long as a Health Certificate with a COVID-19 free result is presented based on document requirements of each destination policy.
    2. For departures from regions that do not have a COVID-19 test facility, may substitute it with a Health Certificate that shows symptoms-free of influenza-like illnesses issued by a hospital/community health center doctor.

Health Certificate Validity

Based on COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Force letter, the acceptable period of Health Certificates based on COVID-19 test type results are as follows:

  • Health Certificate with a non-reactive Rapid test results valid maximum 14 days from the health facility issuance (Limited to passengers with flight destined to Biak the result valid maximum 7 days from the health facility issuance)
  • Health Certificate with a negative PCR/Swab test results valid maximum 14 days from the health facility issuance (Limited to passengers with international flight to Jakarta / Surabaya / Denpasar the PCR/Swab test result valid maximum 7 days from the health facility issuance)


  • Final Destination Jakarta / Surabaya:
    International flight passengers destined to Indonesia who cannot provide negative PCR/Swab test result will be allowed to fly and enter Indonesia, however, the passenger must go through a PCR/Swab test & quarantine procedure by the local authority upon arrival in Indonesia, unless the passenger has done PCR/Swab test from the origin departing country.
  • Final destination Denpasar:
    • Passengers who cannot provide a negative PCR/Swab test result will be allowed to fly to Denpasar/Bali, however, the passenger must go through a PCR/Swab test upon arrival at their own cost at a health facility referred by the local authority & conduct a self-quarantine until the test result is issued
    • All passengers are required to fill Bali Health Alert Form(Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali)
    • ID issued outside Bali: required to provide Statement Letter and Letter of Guarantee


  • To Jakarta
    Required to enclose a DKI Jakarta Entry/Exit Permit (Surat Izin Keluar Masuk (SIKM) DKI Jakarta.
    Passengers with domestic flights transiting in Jakarta are not required to enclose a DKI Jakarta Entry/Exit Permitas long as they stay within Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) area during transit.
  • To Denpasar
    For Business Trips:
    All passengers are required to fill Bali Health Alert Form (Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali
  • ID issued outside Bali: required to encloseStatement Letter and Letter of Guarantee and conduct self-quarantine upon arrival at Denpasar/Bali
  • To/ from Ambon
    Required to enclose an Ambon Entry/Exit Permit(Surat Izin Keluar Masuk Ambon)

The In-Flight Meal & In-Flight Entertainment Adjustments During New Normal

As an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through cross-contamination, Garuda Indonesia has adjusted the in-flight service since April 15, 2020, on selected routes. This adjustment based on Indonesian Government policy and each destination country’s policy. Then, Garuda Indonesia increases preventive measures, such as:

  1. Adjust the in-flight meal service by using mono-use cutlery on all classes of domestic route flights and some international routes such as Jakarta-Singapore (PP) and Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur (PP). For more information, click here.
  2. Temporarily suspend the Book Your Meal service and adjust the availability of Special Meal on selected international flights and all domestic flights since April 1, 2020, until further notice
  3. Temporarily suspend candy, welcome drink service, galley snack service, table cloth, menu cards on board
  4. Temporarily suspend newspapers, pillows, and limit the availability of blankets on some flights to avoid direct contact with others
  5. Change the headrest cover after landed
  6. Temporarily suspend loose amenities on Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Business Class flights

Aircrafts Hygiene

Garuda Indonesia is strengthening the preventive action towards the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting aircraft to assure its cabin cleanliness as well as doing sterilization to kill all germs and viruses. Disinfection applied thoroughly to the cabin areas that directly contact passengers, for instance, lavatory, seat, tray tables, headrest, seat armrests, overhead compartment, and galley.

Before each departure, Garuda Indonesia also stepping up deep daily cleaning and transit cleaning to mitigate any risks related to the outbreak.

Aside from that, all Garuda Indonesia aircraft is equipped with  HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). HEPA filter is a cabin air filter system. The aircraft filtration systems in cabins can filter 99.999 percent of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air.

Passengers Health & Social Distancing

The cabin crew also required to check their health condition before and after duty. Other than that, our cabin crew wears masks and hand gloves when serving.

Garuda Indonesia is actively educating passengers to take care of their health especially when they are about to have a flight, to ensure it we also check your body temperatures upon boarding. We also provide hand sanitizers on every touch-point pre-flight and onboard.

We also highly put our efforts to implement social distancing for our passengers on board by giving an empty seat between each passenger.

For more information about the available flight routes and schedules, please contact dREAMSCAPE team at or Whatsapp through +62 818-0888-5901

Source: Garuda Indonesia