Travel Response on Jakarta Lockdown per 14 September 2020

Dear Clients and Preferred Partners,

We have received your numerous concerns in response to the recent announcement made by the Governor of Jakarta to reset Jakarta into a stricter lockdown similar to April’s condition. Our team is currently still investigating various logistic partners such as airports-airlines-cars and local, regional governments- to see how this status would impact your upcoming domestic travel plans. Until this moment, the strict lockdown that will be implemented in Jakarta starting on Monday, 14 September 2020 is to govern the closure of offices, entertainments, restaurants, and other non-essential public businesses. It has not yet restricted domestic flights and regional car transfers to other regions for domestic leisure travel purposes. Therefore, I can still safely say that it has not nor should impact any logistic complication that our team has arranged for you. However, I can foresee that public places in the new destination could follow a similar attempt. Following through our #AvoidTheCrowd travel strategy, this should not impact our travel advice that has been given to you as we have avoided any arrangements to do public, co-sharing, or mass activities and visit.

Should there be any changes in the condition, we will continue to update you. If you are already traveling with us and condition change that could impact you, we are here behind to assist your travel as seamless and enjoyable as possible. You may also find the latest Covid-19 travel news on our website or More conveniently, you may follow our IG at @my__dREAMSCAPE or, where COVID-19 travel updated, is posted to the current situation.

For more soothing information in a lengthy conversation, please do reach out to your relationship manager (clients) and travel designer team (preferred partners). We are here to help both parties and ensure that both your holidays and business are following the latest safety protocols

Best regards,
Fitri – Chief Travel Designer.

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