South Africa is Open for International Tourists

  • Jan 15, 2021
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South African borders reissuing Adjusted Level 3 Regulations on 11 January 2021.

Please take note that the closure of borders pertains only to land borders and NOT international air borders.

International air travel is operational and international flights continue operating to/from the following airports:
• OR Tambo International Airport (JNB)
• King Shaka International Airport (DUR)
• Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
• Internal scheduled flight services continue as before.

South Africa has the following protocols in place:
• On arrival, all travellers are to present a valid certificate of a negative COVID-19 test which was obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of travel.
• Arrival without this will result in mandatory quarantine at the travellers own cost.
• All travellers will be screened on arrival and those who show any symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to stay in quarantine until they test negative for the virus again.
• Travellers will be asked to install the South African government contact alert app.

What’s New Indonesia

Discover Luxury Indonesia Will Bring Safe Travel Experiences to Your Comfort Zone

October 17, 2020

In partnership with Tiger Blue, an award-winning luxury liveaboard, Discover Luxury Indonesia is pleased to bring safe travel experiences to your comfort zone.

eHAC – Mandatory Application for Travelling in Indonesia

  • Sep 28, 2020
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Indonesia eHAC (Electronic Health Alert Certificate) is a mandatory application for any travelers from emerging diseases affected countries or areas.

The Indonesian government obligates you to fill out eHAC as an effort to detect, prevent, and control Public Health Emergencies through Point of Entries (Airports, Seaports, and Ground Crossing Border Posts).

Install eHAC application via appstore/google play before you travel. Every person will need this e-card regardless you travel by plane, boat, bus, car, etc.

How to Use eHAC Application?

  1. Register using your active email address

2. Choose ‘visitor’ menu at the bottom page to create eHAC

3. Choose ‘HAC’ menu

4. Click +eHAC, then select eHAC Domestic Indonesia for domestic visitors (or eHAC Indonesia for international visitors)

5. Form 1/3: fill the form with complete destination address

6. Form 2/3: fill the form with complete address you are coming from

7. Form 3/3: tick your current health condition

8. Your eHAC card is now being processed & issued. Show the e-card and QR code to the officer.

Please follow the health quarantine procedures at the Airports/Seaport/ Ground Crossing Border Post of arrival.

If you complain any symptoms as stated in eHAC, please immediately report to Indonesian Local Port Health Authorities.

Our Customers Service team are continuously here to support and advice:
My dREAMSCAPE: +6281808885901
Discover Luxury Indonesia: +6281197307385


Travel Response on Jakarta Lockdown per 14 September 2020

  • Sep 10, 2020
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Dear Clients and Preferred Partners,

We have received your numerous concerns in response to the recent announcement made by the Governor of Jakarta to reset Jakarta into a stricter lockdown similar to April’s condition. Our team is currently still investigating various logistic partners such as airports-airlines-cars and local, regional governments- to see how this status would impact your upcoming domestic travel plans. Until this moment, the strict lockdown that will be implemented in Jakarta starting on Monday, 14 September 2020 is to govern the closure of offices, entertainments, restaurants, and other non-essential public businesses. It has not yet restricted domestic flights and regional car transfers to other regions for domestic leisure travel purposes. Therefore, I can still safely say that it has not nor should impact any logistic complication that our team has arranged for you. However, I can foresee that public places in the new destination could follow a similar attempt. Following through our #AvoidTheCrowd travel strategy, this should not impact our travel advice that has been given to you as we have avoided any arrangements to do public, co-sharing, or mass activities and visit.

Should there be any changes in the condition, we will continue to update you. If you are already traveling with us and condition change that could impact you, we are here behind to assist your travel as seamless and enjoyable as possible. You may also find the latest Covid-19 travel news on our website or More conveniently, you may follow our IG at @my__dREAMSCAPE or, where COVID-19 travel updated, is posted to the current situation.

For more soothing information in a lengthy conversation, please do reach out to your relationship manager (clients) and travel designer team (preferred partners). We are here to help both parties and ensure that both your holidays and business are following the latest safety protocols

Best regards,
Fitri – Chief Travel Designer.

Our Customers Service team are continuously here to support and advice:
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Luxury Small Group Journeys for Asian Luxury Travellers by dREAMSCAPE

July 23, 2020

Luxury experiential travel designers company dREAMSCAPE Travel Network has launched a bespoke expert-led and co-shared small group journey that fit for the Asian luxury travel preferences.

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Luxury Small Group Journeys for Asian Luxury Travellers by dREAMSCAPE

July 23, 2020

Luxury experiential travel designers company dREAMSCAPE Travel Network has launched a bespoke expert-led and co-shared small group journey that fit for the Asian luxury travel preferences.

Luxury Small Group Journeys for Asian Luxury Travellers

Singapore | Indonesia

For Immediate Release

– English Version –

Singapore, 23 July 2020


Luxury experiential travel designers company dREAMSCAPE Travel Network has launched a bespoke expert-led and co-shared small group journey that fit for the Asian luxury travel preferences.

The motivations of South-East Asian luxury travellers are different from western travellers and is difficult to penetrate therefore often misunderstood. Brands or influencers do not automatically drive luxury travellers here. The travel experiences have to be specially moulded to fit market preferences. Duration and routes have to accommodate the Asian luxury lifestyle such as staying a maximum of three to four nights in the prime destination. Most popular destinations are between six to ten nights journeys, and there is no free day to do nothing.

Our luxury small group journeys incorporate the right balance between activities in a guided group and self-discovery option. Each of the itineraries features hand-selected boutique accommodation in superb scenic or central locations with the heritage attributes and refined amenities. We sail by small ship, or yacht, travel in mid-size private vehicles and our gourmet highlights are designed to showcase regional cuisine, including private tastings and hands-on demonstrations.

Luxury small group journeys by dREAMSCAPE allow Asian luxury travellers to unlock the secrets of a destination and share your adventures with like-minded travellers while still feeling the confidence to the attention of service. An Asian butler will accompany each journey:

  • Beyond Culinary – Discovering new places while unlocking their culinary mystery. Bring your taste-buds on a trip to explore tantalizing flavours all around the world.
  • Cultural Festival – There is no better way to experience the rich cultural heritage of a destination than by joining in their vibrant local festivals together with a group of like-minded travellers.
  • Sports & Hobbies – Join in some of the world’s best sporting event, even better with experiencing the stage yourself, accompanied by your friends and fellow travellers.
  • Wellness Retreat – Escape the hustle-bustle of a big city to the remote places where you can enhance your very own wellbeing.
  • Fun Educational – Lecture method is not the only method used nowadays. dREAMSCAPE combining different types of experience that helps young people learn sustainability, community development, languages, and many more.
  • Luxury Expeditions – Journey to the world’s most remote destinations by dREAMSCAPE that has been specially curated for Asian travellers.

One of the upcoming trends in the global hospitality and tourism industry is the rise in spending power of South-East Asian luxury travellers abroad.

Find more information about dREAMSCAPE small luxury group journeys please click here.

dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel
With 14 years of hands on and ground research as an Asia-based luxury travel operator designed to understand the minds and habits of Asian luxury travellers, we at dREAMSCAPE use this experience to utilize and grow our business to a wider range of customers, while remaining focused on quality and authentic products that are still affordable:
• Ultra Luxury Travel
• Multigenerational Journey
• Pre-designed Travel
• Luxury Destination Event Management
• Customized Travel Design
• VIP Travel Incentive & Giveaways
• Luxury Cruise, Yachts & Boats
• Luxury Expedition Journeys
• Discover Luxury Indonesia

For more information, please contact:

Marketing & Business Development
dREAMSCAPE Travel Network
Mobile/WA: +62 811 1310 2142

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Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Singapura, 23 Juli 2020


Perusahaan desainer perjalanan mewah dREAMSCAPE Travel Network telah meluncurkan Luxury Small Group Journeys, seri perjalanan grup dengan kapasitas jumlah peserta yang kecil, dan dipandu secara khusus oleh profesional. Wisatawan Asia dapat merasakan jalan-jalan bersama pelancong lain yang memiliki kesamaan hobi atau preferensi dalam perjalanan tersebut.

Motivasi para pelancong mewah Asia, khususnya di Asia Tenggara berbeda dari para pelancong Barat dan sulit ditembus, sehingga seringkali disalahpahami. Mereka tidak secara otomatis tertarik untuk mengunjungi suatu tempat oleh pengaruh merek atau influencer. Pengalaman perjalanan harus dirancang secara khusus agar sesuai dengan preferensi pasar kelas atas. Durasi dan rute perjalanan harus dapat mengakomodir gaya hidup mewah Asia. Misalnya, di setiap kota tujuan utama maksimum hanya menginap tiga hingga empat malam saja. Sebagian besar tujuan populer umumnya antara enam hingga sepuluh malam perjalanan, dan jarang sekali ada hari dimana wisatawan diberikan waktu bebas untuk melakukan apapun.

Luxury Small Group Journeys kami menggabungkan keseimbangan yang tepat antara kegiatan bersama kelompok maupun kegiatan opsional pribadi. Setiap rencana perjalanan menggunakan akomodasi butik pilihan di lokasi yang indah dan strategis dengan bangunan dan interior bersejarah, namun memiliki fasilitas yang modern. Kami berlayar menggunakan kapal kecil, atau kapal pesiar, bepergian dengan kendaraan pribadi ukuran sedang dan pengalaman berkuliner dirancang untuk menyajikan kekhasan masakan setiap daerah, termasuk citarasa lokal dan demonstrasi memasak langsung oleh koki legendaris.

Luxury Small Group Journeys oleh dREAMSCAPE memungkinkan pelancong mewah Asia untuk membuka rahasia keunikan di setiap destinasi dan berbagi petualangan dengan pelancong yang memiliki kesamaan hobi, sambil tetap merasakan kepercayaan diri terhadap perhatian dan pelayanan yang diberikan. Seorang asisten perjalanan akan menemani setiap perjalanan dari kota keberangkatan.

  • Beyond Culinary – Menemukan tempat baru sambil membuka misteri kuliner mereka. Bawa lidah Anda dalam perjalanan ini untuk menjelajahi citarasa menggiurkan di seluruh dunia.
  • Cultural Festival – Tidak ada cara yang lebih baik untuk menyaksikan warisan budaya yang kaya dari suatu destinasi selain dengan bergabung dalam festival lokal mereka.
  • Sports & Hobbies – Bergabunglah dalam beberapa acara olahraga terbaik dunia, terlebih lagi dengan mencoba langsung di arena, ditemani oleh teman dan sesama pelancong.
  • Wellness Retreat – Melarikan diri sejenak dari hiruk pikuk pusat kota ke tempat-tempat terpencil di mana Anda dapat meningkatkan kesehatan jiwa dan raga Anda.
  • Fun Educational – Metode ceramah bukan satu-satunya metode yang digunakan untuk belajar saat ini. dREAMSCAPE menggabungkan berbagai jenis pengalaman yang membantu kaum muda belajar tentang sumber daya alam yang berkelanjutan, pengembangan sosial, bahasa, dan banyak lagi.
  • Luxury Expeditions – Perjalanan ke destinasi paling sulit dikunjungi dan terpencil di dunia oleh dREAMSCAPE yang telah dirancang khusus untuk pelancong Asia.

Salah satu tren yang akan datang dalam industri perhotelan dan pariwisata global adalah meningkatnya daya beli wisatawan mewah Asia Tenggara di luar negeri.

Temukan informasi lebih lanjut tentang Luxury Small Group Journeys oleh dREAMSCAPE di sini.

dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel
Berbasis di Singapura dan Indonesia, dREAMSCAPE dikenal sebagai operator perjalanan mewah di Asia yang dirancang khusus untuk memahami pemikiran dan kebiasaan para wisatawan menengah atas Asia. Setelah 14 tahun mengelola perjalanan mewah untuk pelancong Asia, kami menggunakan pengalaman ini untuk memanfaatkan dan mengembangkan bisnis kami ke pasar yang lebih luas, dengan tetap fokus pada kualitas dan otentisitas produk yang masih terjangkau:
• Ultra Luxury Travel
• Multigenerational Journey
• Pre-designed Travel
• Luxury Destination Event Management
• Customized Travel Design
• VIP Travel Incentive & Giveaways
• Luxury Cruise, Yachts & Boats
• Luxury Expedition Journeys
• Discover Luxury Indonesia

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi:
Marketing & Business Development
dREAMSCAPE Travel Network
Mobile/WA: +62 811 1310 2142

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Sri Lanka Opening to International Visitors From 1 August

  • Jul 22, 2020
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Sri Lanka is readying to welcome travelers from across the world with safety guidelines and precautionary measures.

Who can visit?

  • All nationalities are welcome and all types of travellers whether groups, families, individuals.
  • Only a limited number of small groups of travelers will be allowed into Sri Lanka at a time. Individuals traveling alone will not be permitted to enter the island country.
  • Sri Lanka is set to start allowing international visitors to enter the country from August 1, 2020.
  • As well as the borders being open, popular locations for tourists, including the Yala National Park, Arugam Bay, Udawalawe National Park, Trincomalee, and certain beaches will also reopen in August.

Which airports will operate?

Bandaranaike International Airport [BIA], Colombo Ratmalana Airport [RMA] and Mattala Rajapaksa Hambantota Airport [MRIA] will be operating for tourist arrivals from Aug 1 2020

Immigration counter

  • Collecting the pre-check medical report
  • Tourists’ personal details and travel/stay
  • Visa details with last country visit or from where he/she is coming
  • Online registration of visitors on Sri Lanka Tourism Travel website

What are the visa procedures?

  • All travelers will require a valid visa; this will be issued for 30 days and extendable for up to 6 months after arrival. Online visa at
  • Further relaxation for long stay guests is currently under consideration, enabling tourists to be granted five-year multiple-entry visas with a maximum 6 months stay.
  • Visa fee US$100

Information required for visa application

  • Booking details at Certified Accommodation
  • Itinerary in Sri Lanka
  • Return ticket
  • Proof of medical insurance

Where can I stay and is there a minimum duration?

  • A minimum 5-night stay in Sri Lanka is required.
    travelers must spend a minimum of 5 days in Sri Lanka. Those who plan to stay for less than this will not be granted permission to enter.
  • Independent professional audits will be done to certify accommodation providers who will be listed on the Sri Lanka tourism website. Details of bookings made with Certified Accommodation providers are required for the visa application
  • Travelers will only be able to stay at five-star hotels approved by the ministry of tourism while staying in the country. These premises will have strict safety measures to prevent contagion.
  • Foreign nationals visiting Sri Lanka will be prohibited from using public transport.

Pre-departure Covid-19 PCR testing
A negative PCR test is required prior to boarding your flight and on arrival in Sri Lanka. The test should be no older than 72 hours prior to boarding.

On arrival in Sri Lanka
The airport will have high-intensity sanitation measures in place for all areas and staff.

  • There is no quarantine on arrival unless symptoms are detected.
  • A PCR test would be done on arrival at the airport. No charge.
  • Currently, it takes 24 hours to receive the test results. We are making changes to have results within 4-6 hours by August. In the event it is required to wait 24 hours for test results; you will be able to select a hotel for a one-night stay from Certified 4 or 5-star hotels in Colombo or Negombo until the test results are received.
  • A further test will be done 4-5 days after arrival by a mobile unit in coordination with your Certified Accommodation provider.
  • Travelers staying for more than 10 days will be required to take a third test during their stay. While this may be inconvenient it is essential to safeguard everybody and provide peace of mind.
  • In case of a positive PCR result, quarantine in a designated hotel or hospitalization will take place depending on the details of the case. Quarantine would usually be 14 to 21 days if symptoms are detected.

Moving around Sri Lanka

  • To ensure your safety, please arrange transportation prior to your arrival, with your Certified Accommodation provider or travel agent. Public transport should not be used.
  • All tourist sites will be open from the 1st August onwards with safety protocols and measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of our travelers.
  • There will be no travel restrictions between districts for tourists.

What is Sri Lanka’s status with COVID-19?
Being an island, and thanks to the proactive measures taken, Sri Lanka has been able to manage the spread of the virus. No active community clusters have been detected in the last 30 days within the country.

For more information about the available flight routes and schedules, please contact dREAMSCAPE team at or Whatsapp through +62 818-0888-5901


Turkey Reopening for International Tourists

  • Jul 10, 2020
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Fight Against Covid-19 In Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is one of the most disciplined and successful countries in fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic. In the last 15 years, Turkey’s health system has undergone a major restructuring process. Thanks to abilities that can respond to such a pandemic and crises. The new hospital capacities have been built and most modern hospitals. Only in 2020, 11 new hospitals with a total of 14 thousand beds and equipped with the latest technology will come into service.

At the same time, Turkey has made large investments in health information technology in this process. Turkey has become the country using the health information systems, “big data” and “artificial intelligence” in the decision-making processes in the best way.

Turkey is one of the countries taking the measures related to the pandemic at the earliest time upon the declaration of the start of the pandemic originating from China and the appearance of this disease in others in Turkey.

They determined the road map against Covid-19 exactly 31 days before the World Health Organization declared the disease as a pandemic and 50 days before the disease was seen in their country (11th March). They prepared their health institutions and citizens against the possibility of a pandemic.


In Turkey, a PCR test is applied to those who show symptoms and apply to health institutions, as well as to citizens that are found to show symptoms during controls and, in the framework of filiation activities, to people who have been in close contact with the aforementioned individuals.

Turkey has so far performed more than 1 million 250 thousand tests. The daily test capacity is 50 thousand.

If needed, human resources and infrastructure are available to increase the daily testing capacity.


Turkey has a strong health care system capacity and infrastructure. The fight against Covid-19 has not created a strain on Turkey’s health system capacity.

Turkey is very well prepared in terms of the intensive care bed and mechanic ventilation number used within the context of the fight against COVID-19. The Turkish health system has 39,934 intensive care beds and 17,852 mechanic ventilators. Even though the peak point has been passed in the pandemic; only 6% of the intensive care bed occupancy rate and only 5% of the ventilator occupancy rate have been reached in the scope of Covid-19. In other words, Covid-19 has not put pressure on Turkey’s health system.

The Republic of Turkey is one of the most disciplined and successful countries fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. The tracing period starts at an early stage.

  • National Pandemic Plan (updated in 2019)
  • Border security
  • Travel restrictions
  • Establishment of the «Emergency Operation Center» (06 January 2020)
  • Establishment of the «Coronavirus Scientific Board»(10 January 2020)
  • Identification of reference hospitals and personnel training. All flights to China were suspended (30 January)
  • Borders with Iran were closed (23 February)

After the first case on 11 March 2020, additional measures were taken

  • Closure of schools across the country
  • Banning of mass-gathering events
  • Restrictive measures for public officials (flexible working arrangements)
  • Additional travel restrictions
  • Curfews and lockdowns

Testing & Contact Tracing

  • A comprehensive strategy to increase testing capacity in contact tracing
  • Performing tests on the right people at the right time
  • Implementing a strict contact tracing program
  • Turkey has created a successful system that reached 99,7% of the contacts within the required time

Turkey’s Healthcare Infrastructure

  • 000 doctors in 1.524 world-class hospitals operating in the country
  • 563 dedicated pandemic hospitals
  • 715 registered beds, 178.450 registered beds in the pandemic hospitals
  • 832 ventilators in the hospitals
  • The average number of tests performed daily is over 40.000
  • Daily PCR test capacity of Turkey is 50.000

Preventive Measures for the Guests

  • Passengers and other people arriving at airports will be rendered services under the rules and guidelines set out for prevention and containment of COVID-19.
  • In the airports, before passport control, each arriving passenger will go through thermal screening for temperature checks.
  • In the case where a passenger is suspected to have COVID-19, the passenger will be put under quarantine in an isolated area inside the airport to be tested.
  • If there are no negative symptoms detected with regards to COVID-19, the passenger will leave the airport following specified rules.
  • If the passenger whose sample is taken for the PCR test displays serious symptoms, he/she will be taken into an isolation room for 2 hours to wait for the PCR test results. If the result is positive, the passenger will be sent to a hospital to be treated.
  • After passenger getting transferred to the hospital, he/she decides whether to be treated in a hospital or hotel.
  • If the isolation period lasts longer than the planned holiday, the extra accommodation costs will be covered by the hotel in exchange for a Promise Letter.
  • If the passenger does not wish to spend the isolation period in Turkey and wishes to return to his/her country, it is an airline’s or captain’s discretion to allow that passenger on board.
  • Passengers may buy health insurance packages before arriving at Turkey, online.
  • If the passenger becomes symptomatic after arriving at the hotel, he/she will be taken to the hospital.
  • If the passenger who had been taken to the hospital tests positive, the same procedures implemented at the airport will be followed.
  • If the passenger’s country requires a certain quarantine period for its citizens upon their return, the passenger may get tested at 135 testing areas across the country or designated testing areas located inside the airport before passport control and fly back to his/her country with the test result. The test costs 15 €.
  • In order for the guest to be treated in Turkey, he/she has to accept the treatment methodology and drug protocol applied in Turkey

Letter of Promise

Some hotels in Turkey are agreed with a ‘Letter of Promise’ to ensure the guests with COVID-19 diagnose to continue to stay in the hotel’s quarantine floor with their families without any accommodation cost during their isolation period.

Health Insurance

As of July 1, Turkey is commissioning a health insurance package covering COVID-19. The guarantee is valid in all pandemic hospitals without private/public distinction. Insurance packages can be purchased in the following ways:

Safe Tourism Certification Criteria

Safe Tourism Certification Program, under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has been developed with the contributions of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in cooperation with all the stakeholders in the industry.

The Normalization of Tourism

Safe Tourism Certification Program consists of 4 main pillars:

  • Health and Safety of Passenger
  • Health and Safety of Employee
  • Measures at the Facilities
  • Measures in Transportation Vehicles

The facilities, obtaining the certificate, were announced as of June 1, 2020 through all channels including the Ministry & TGA websites. Currently, almost 2000 facilities have applied and around 500 of them have received certificates.

For the facilities that obtained safe tourism certificate, there will be QR codes on all logos and through these QR codes, all guests and customers will have access to facility’s inspection data.

Wherever you go, make sure to see this Certificate of Safe Tourism issued by the government to ensure the safety of every places you go. Safe Tourism comprises of:

  • Intensive sanitation Social Distancing Measure (Criteria for Accommodation)
  • Precautions are taken at Food & Beverage Facilities (Criteria for F&B Facilities)
  • Tour & Transfer Vehicles Criterias (Certified Tour & Transfer Vehicles)

All of them have to meet the right criteria in order to operate post-COVID period. All the supplier has to fill the form and make sure the standards are all there, with the assessment criteria that is updated by the government from time to time.

For more information about the available flight routes and schedules, please contact dREAMSCAPE team at or Whatsapp through +62 818-0888-5901


Garuda Indonesia Covid-19 Update

  • Jul 06, 2020
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Passenger & Document Requirements  

Categories of people that are allowed to travel are as follows:

  • International Flight
    1. Outbound Indonesia: requirements should refer to each destination country’s policy and information on the government, embassy, and related authority’s website
    2. Inbound Indonesia: currently no foreigners are allowed to enter/transit in Indonesia. Exemption policy of foreigners that are allowed to enter Indonesian territory. While there is no restriction for Indonesian Citizens entering Indonesian territory, as long as it follows the document requirement.
  • Domestic Flight
    1. Every person is eligible to travel as long as a Health Certificate with a COVID-19 free result is presented based on document requirements of each destination policy.
    2. For departures from regions that do not have a COVID-19 test facility, may substitute it with a Health Certificate that shows symptoms-free of influenza-like illnesses issued by a hospital/community health center doctor.

Health Certificate Validity

Based on COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Force letter, the acceptable period of Health Certificates based on COVID-19 test type results are as follows:

  • Health Certificate with a non-reactive Rapid test results valid maximum 14 days from the health facility issuance (Limited to passengers with flight destined to Biak the result valid maximum 7 days from the health facility issuance)
  • Health Certificate with a negative PCR/Swab test results valid maximum 14 days from the health facility issuance (Limited to passengers with international flight to Jakarta / Surabaya / Denpasar the PCR/Swab test result valid maximum 7 days from the health facility issuance)


  • Final Destination Jakarta / Surabaya:
    International flight passengers destined to Indonesia who cannot provide negative PCR/Swab test result will be allowed to fly and enter Indonesia, however, the passenger must go through a PCR/Swab test & quarantine procedure by the local authority upon arrival in Indonesia, unless the passenger has done PCR/Swab test from the origin departing country.
  • Final destination Denpasar:
    • Passengers who cannot provide a negative PCR/Swab test result will be allowed to fly to Denpasar/Bali, however, the passenger must go through a PCR/Swab test upon arrival at their own cost at a health facility referred by the local authority & conduct a self-quarantine until the test result is issued
    • All passengers are required to fill Bali Health Alert Form(Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali)
    • ID issued outside Bali: required to provide Statement Letter and Letter of Guarantee


  • To Jakarta
    Required to enclose a DKI Jakarta Entry/Exit Permit (Surat Izin Keluar Masuk (SIKM) DKI Jakarta.
    Passengers with domestic flights transiting in Jakarta are not required to enclose a DKI Jakarta Entry/Exit Permitas long as they stay within Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) area during transit.
  • To Denpasar
    For Business Trips:
    All passengers are required to fill Bali Health Alert Form (Formulir Kewaspadaan Kesehatan Provinsi Bali
  • ID issued outside Bali: required to encloseStatement Letter and Letter of Guarantee and conduct self-quarantine upon arrival at Denpasar/Bali
  • To/ from Ambon
    Required to enclose an Ambon Entry/Exit Permit(Surat Izin Keluar Masuk Ambon)

The In-Flight Meal & In-Flight Entertainment Adjustments During New Normal

As an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through cross-contamination, Garuda Indonesia has adjusted the in-flight service since April 15, 2020, on selected routes. This adjustment based on Indonesian Government policy and each destination country’s policy. Then, Garuda Indonesia increases preventive measures, such as:

  1. Adjust the in-flight meal service by using mono-use cutlery on all classes of domestic route flights and some international routes such as Jakarta-Singapore (PP) and Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur (PP). For more information, click here.
  2. Temporarily suspend the Book Your Meal service and adjust the availability of Special Meal on selected international flights and all domestic flights since April 1, 2020, until further notice
  3. Temporarily suspend candy, welcome drink service, galley snack service, table cloth, menu cards on board
  4. Temporarily suspend newspapers, pillows, and limit the availability of blankets on some flights to avoid direct contact with others
  5. Change the headrest cover after landed
  6. Temporarily suspend loose amenities on Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Business Class flights

Aircrafts Hygiene

Garuda Indonesia is strengthening the preventive action towards the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting aircraft to assure its cabin cleanliness as well as doing sterilization to kill all germs and viruses. Disinfection applied thoroughly to the cabin areas that directly contact passengers, for instance, lavatory, seat, tray tables, headrest, seat armrests, overhead compartment, and galley.

Before each departure, Garuda Indonesia also stepping up deep daily cleaning and transit cleaning to mitigate any risks related to the outbreak.

Aside from that, all Garuda Indonesia aircraft is equipped with  HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). HEPA filter is a cabin air filter system. The aircraft filtration systems in cabins can filter 99.999 percent of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air.

Passengers Health & Social Distancing

The cabin crew also required to check their health condition before and after duty. Other than that, our cabin crew wears masks and hand gloves when serving.

Garuda Indonesia is actively educating passengers to take care of their health especially when they are about to have a flight, to ensure it we also check your body temperatures upon boarding. We also provide hand sanitizers on every touch-point pre-flight and onboard.

We also highly put our efforts to implement social distancing for our passengers on board by giving an empty seat between each passenger.

For more information about the available flight routes and schedules, please contact dREAMSCAPE team at or Whatsapp through +62 818-0888-5901

Source: Garuda Indonesia