"Our journey to become a comprehensive luxury travel operator in South East Asia that represent the Asian buying power is proceeding as plan after three years of
extraordinary length business upgrade." Fitri Tresnawida, CEO


dREAMSCAPE Group ended the 2019 closing with a 77% growth, down from previous year 86% . Despite the challenges imposed by our internal digitalization upgrades, business innovation and cleaning up, the strong growth shows untapped market potential.


      • Introduce service fee for customized travel which improved sales closing ratio from 40% to 65%.
      • Set up auto live tracking travel brief potential revenue versus lost of sales.
      • Set up CRM, SRM and marketing automation.
      • Automat and digitalized travel itineraries and proposals.
      • dREAMSCAPE Singapore annual growth of 292% in 2019 from 44% in 2018.
      • dREAMSCAPE Indonesia annual growth of 119% in 2019 from 40% in 2018.


  • Set up the brand into an independent company as per 01 July 2019 called PT. Majukan Wisata Indonesia with ownership dREAMSCAPE Group 78%  and private investor 22%.
  • New office based in Jimbaran, Bali was inaugrated in November 2019.
  • Discover Luxury Indonesia annual growth went down to 5.5% in 2019 from 129% in 2018 caused by unstabil recruitments.


Our key strategic priorities to achieve our objectives 


Geographical expansion and industry consolidation will drive the competition requirement to get larger volume for getting attractive contracts and benefits.

Product and Service

HNWI travellers in South East Asia are becoming more experience. They demand  unique experiences and personalized services with Asian hospitality.

Network Management

Efficient, Effective and digital networking across the whole value chain from process, product, sales and marketing to stakeholders are keys for future success.