dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Academy

The latest addition to dREAMSCAPE’s portfolio and the first of its kind in Asia, training all new and existing consultants to be market leaders in the luxury travel industry. After completing the comprehensive training levels at the Academy, consultants will be confident and knowledgeable to meet the expectations and desires of our luxury travel clients.



Our online travel retail shop designed for Asian luxury and experienced travellers who enjoy vacationing in private or co-sharing in a small group with like-minded travellers, but are limited in time and ideas. Our pre-designed travel packages can be booked at any time, for any occasion, for any number of people, with everything pre-arranged to give the best value.


Discover Indonesia

A division created specifically to cater to luxury travel agents around the world who can now expect their VIP clients to be serviced at a premium level by our team when travelling to Indonesia. Discover Indonesia’s unique position is to focus on offering authentic travel experiences that are difficult for independent travellers to arrange themselves.


dREAMSCAPE Travel Magazine

We launched our own brand one of a kind travel magazine especially designed by experienced luxury travellers for luxury travellers, that is privately distributed to millionaires in Indonesia. We scour the world for the most innovative, fascinating and enjoyable destinations for the curious traveller in each themed edition.


dREAMSCAPE Travel Club

Our exclusive Travel Club serves only VVIP clients with an annual travel spending of over $40,000. For once in a lifetime extraordinary destinations and activities, we showcase the best places to eat, love and sleep.


dREAMSCAPE Concierge

We started 13 years ago as a luxury Concierge assisting Private Banks and Premium Credit Card companies for their top clientele. Our services range from accessing difficult to secure tickets, to world events and meeting and greeting celebrities.