The Course

  • Classroom and on the field-based accelerated training by sought-after industry leaders.
  • From basic vocabulary to advanced knowledge in the luxury travel industry.
  • Basic product knowledge to luxury brand knowledge.
  • Designed to accelerate learning about the travel industry for those eager to start a career as a travel consultant.
  • Will suit the individual who is looking to fast track his/ her career as a luxury consultant.
  • Unique access to training videos, product material and training booklets.
  • Certification upon successful completion of each of the different levels.

Luxury Travel Academy

The Curriculum

The curriculum offers three levels of training, each level consisting of different industry related topics, basic vocabulary knowledge, product knowledge and consultant’s skills. The curriculum aims to educate, coach and equip individuals with the necessary skills to become sucessful consultants in the travel industry.

Level 1: Stepping Into The Luxury Travel Industry

In this level you will receive starting knowledge about the luxury travel industry. Anything you need to know to tell your clients, friends, or your parents about the industry, you will get it here.


Basic Travel Vocabulary & Terms
  1.  Introduction to the travel industry
  2. Accommodations
  3. Transportations
  4. Flights, Airports and Travel Documents
  5. Boat, Ferry and Cruises
  6. Food and Beverages


Where is Luxury Travel?
  1. Asia
  2. Europe & Russia
  3. North America
  4. Latin & South America
  5. Africa
  6. Australia & NZ


Consultant Skills
  1. Working in a luxury brand: The Dos and Don’ts
  2. Steps to prospect luxury travellers
  3. How to: plan a travel trip for advanced travellers
  4. Make presentation skills that win

Level 2: Becoming A Professional Luxury Travel Consultant

Once you master the basics, it’s time to step up your game by becoming a professional. After finishing this level, you will get dREAMSCAPE certification and be able to become a dREAMSCAPE travel consultant.


Understanding the Luxury Travel Brands
  1. Introduction to the luxury travel industry.
  2. Luxury hotel brands – part 1 .
  3. Luxury hotel brands – part 2.
  4. Private jets, helicopters and yachts.
  5. Famous routes and places.


Where is Luxury Travel?
  1.  Safari.
  2. Beach.
  3. Adventure.
  4. Winter .
  5. History.
  6. Culinary.
  7. Event.
  8. Sport.
  9. Family.
  10. Honeymooner/romantic.


Consultant Skills
  1. Handing difficult or demanding clients.
  2. How to upsell.
  3. Mastering business etiquette.
  4. Understanding the affluent/luxury individual’s mind-set.

Level 3: The Masterclass: Be Listed In The A+ List

For those who want to be recognized in the luxury travel industry, The Masterclass provides inside knowledge, from the best of the best luxury spots and experiences in the world, to special methods of networking.


Becoming a world class professional
  1. World-class luxury A+ list consultants.
  2. Understand sports (golf, ski, diving, surfing, racing).
  3. Mastering wineries.
  4. Deep culture experience.


Luxury Travel Bucket List Experiences
  1. Top 10 adventure travel.
  2. Top 10 most unique resort experiences
  3. Top 10 culinary must taste.
  4. Top 10 events to experience before you die.
  5. Top 10 places to visit.

Consultant Skills

  1. Providing a 5* solution.
  2. The polished professional.
  3. Assertive skills.
  4. Luxury marketing.