Luxury Travel Training Centre

The first of its kind in Asia, the dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Academy is a training centre dedicated to recruit and produce professional travel consultants. We offer training sessions for all new and existing consultants to be market leaders in the luxury travel industry. Our goal is for consultants to be confident and knowledgeable to meet the expectations and desires of our luxury travel clients, and able to provide them with the best possible service. Training sessions take place over several weeks at dREAMSCAPE’s Jakarta office. Consultants will take an exam at the end of the course and, on successful completion, will receive a certificate of compliance and can become dREAMSCAPE’s sales representation

By enrolling in dREAMSCAPE Luxury Travel Academy, CONGRATS! – you are on your way to the best job or side business in the world.
  • Make extra and get passive income by doing what you love most
  • Traveling and see the world in style
  • Meeting the most interesting people
Like in every job and business, success comes only with hard work, ongoing training and learning new things. But there is no other job that has as many amazing perks as working as a luxury travel consultant: jetting off to the best resorts, being first to see a new hotel, and venturing to destinations most people can only dream of.

Take advantage of this opportunity and you will in no time become a certified
luxury travel consultant by dREAMSCAPE.