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With a focus on personalized service and unique destinations, the luxury travel market continues to witness exponential growth, redefining travel standards globally.

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Explore our distinguished portfolio of brands providing bespoke travel arrangement services in Indonesia and across the globe.

Discover Luxury Indonesia

The first ultra-luxury travel specialist within Indonesia

Dreamscape Travel network

Award-winning Ultra-Luxury global travel operator

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Specialized in crafting exquisite luxury journeys, Dreamscape Luxury Travel and Discover Luxury Indonesia offer a comprehensive array of tailored travel arrangements.

Ultra-Luxury Travel Specialists

Crafting bespoke and curating unparalleled experiences worldwide.

Luxury Multi-Generational Journeys

Tailoring opulent adventures for large families, ensuring luxury and comfort at every step of the journey.

Luxury Pre-Designed Journeys

Meticulously curated luxury travel packages that can be personalized to each traveler's preferences.

Booking Agent for Luxury Hospitality

Global network of prestigious partners, chosen for their exceptional quality, prime location, and outstanding service.

Luxury Cruises and Trains

Offering the epitome of comfort and style while exploring scenic destinations.

Luxury Destination Events

Meticulously planned high-end events held in exclusive and upscale locations around the world.

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Get to know the distinguished people behind our brands, comprising exceptional individuals and entrepreneurs.

Bayu Djokosoetno

Co-Founder Discover Luxury Indonesia

Bayu Djokosoetno

Co-Founder Discover Luxury Indonesia

Board of Business Growth & Investment

Bayu, holding the positions of President Commissioner and owner within the Bluebird Holding Group, pursued a Master of Business Management from Monash University in Australia, completing his studies in 2005.

In a strategic move, Bayu has assumed dual responsibilities as a board member and co-owner at Discover Luxury Indonesia. In this capacity, he will be pivotal in guiding the growth of high-end inbound travel to and within Indonesia. With a notable presence in the most prominent transportation sector in Indonesia, the Bluebird Holding Group further underscores Bayu's expertise and influence in business.

  • Owner and Board of Bluebird Holding Group
  • President Commissioner at PT Pusaka Citra Djokosoetono
  • President Commissioner for PT Menara Alisya Anugerah
  • President Commissioner for PT Praja Bali Transportasi
  • President Director at PT Prima Sarijati Agung
  • President Director at PT Pusaka Buana Utama
Fitri Tresnawida

Co-Founder Discover Luxury Indonesia

Fitri Tresnawida

Co-Founder Discover Luxury Indonesia

Chief Travel Designer

Fitri's journey is emblematic of a multicultural background that spans continents. She is a seasoned and visionary entrepreneur renowned for her pioneering work in sales, marketing, and crafting ultra-luxurious travel experiences. Her distinction lies in being the go-to luxury travel designer for discerning individuals in Indonesia and Singapore.

Fitri’s educational voyage commenced in Texas, USA, where she began her primary schooling at eight. She later pursued her passion with a Bachelor's degree in business hospitality in the Netherlands, further enriching her understanding of the global landscape. Undeterred by geographical boundaries, she pursued a Master's in international marketing from the esteemed London Business School in the UK. Fitri's educational trajectory mirrors her multicultural persona, reflecting a commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and nurturing a global outlook.

Upon her return to Indonesia in 2004, Fitri harnessed her expertise and enthusiasm to establish the dREAMSCAPE Travel Network in 2006. As an active board member, she takes on the responsibilities of overseeing product development, enhancing services, and expanding sales channels. This role stands as a testament to her resolute dedication to attaining excellence across all facets of the travel industry.

  • Founder of dREAMSCAPE Travel Network
  • Luxury Leaders by Forbes 2019
  • Woman of the Year 2017 by Her’s world
Djonnie Rahmat

Group Commissioner

Djonnie Rahmat

Group Commissioner

Board of Compliance

Djonnie, a well-connected and accomplished Indonesian businessman, has left a significant mark in consulting and luxury consumer goods. He is not only experienced but also proven to achieve successful outcomes. Djonnie's role in Discover Luxury Indonesia encompasses overseeing vital aspects such as Human Resources, Corporate Culture, and Compliance on behalf of the group's stakeholders and investors.

In addition to his role in Discover Luxury Indonesia, Djonnie holds diverse positions on the Mugi Rekso Abadi Holding Group boards. This conglomerate comprises various components, including prestigious high-end magazines, luxury retail brands like Bulgari jewellery, upscale hotels and restaurants, popular radio stations, and even automotive companies, including the exclusive importer of Ferraris.

Furthermore, Djonnie is the proprietor of Intertek Indonesia, a globally recognized company specialized in quality assurance certification. Owning a company specializing in quality assurance certification, like Intertek Indonesia, grants valuable insights to Discover Luxury Indonesia's leadership, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence. This expertise enhances the startup's credibility, streamlines processes, and establishes a competitive edge in delivering top-notch luxury travel services.

  • Board of Mugi Rekso Abadi Holding Group
  • Owner and Board of Intretek Indonesia
  • Board of 5 other companies

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