The Only Luxury Travel Incoming Into and Within Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia | The group and parent company, dREAMSCAPE Travel Network, inaugurated its affiliated company PT. Majukan Wisata Indonesia or known as Discover Luxury Indonesia, recently on 07 November 2019 at their new office based in Jimbaran, Bali.

Bali, Indonesia

18 November 2019


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The Only Luxury Travel Incoming Into and Within Indonesia

The group and parent company, dREAMSCAPE Travel Network, inaugurated its affiliated company PT. Majukan Wisata Indonesia or known as Discover Luxury Indonesia, recently on 07 November 2019 at their new office based in Jimbaran, Bali. In response to our rapidly growing domestic clients and international agents seeking extraordinary experiences and luxury adventures within Indonesia is born Discover Luxury Indonesia.

Indonesia’s tourism plan is to achieve eight percent of the total economy and attract about 20 million visitors by 2019. Some of the challenges that luxury travelers and agents encounter on the ground include the lack or slow development of infrastructure to support tourism across the country, sprawling 17,500 islands. In addition, incursions of the industry into local traditions, which also consist of more or less 300 ethnicities with its diverse languages, culture, and religious beliefs, require well-connected local support across these locations.

Discover Luxury Indonesia set our goal to focus on resolving these issues mentioned and push the growth for luxury travel across Indonesia. One of the immediate action and program are done by our team of specialist that we incorporate VIP vehicles into our travel programs such as the seven-seater 120 units of Alphard that are available across nine destinations within Indonesia. Drivers are handpicked, trained and groomed to speak English and local language, but also serve as our “on-the-road” concierge assistance reporting to the group operation. There is no request that is too small or too big! Each of our clients will receive an exclusive handicraft by a famous local designer with educational notes. More of the development are lined up in the coming months and within the first three years.

“I believe that Indonesia, as a luxury destination, is in its infancy growth and awareness. The remoteness and diversities that the country offers are a heaven playground for the rich,” explains Discover Luxury Indonesia co-founder Bayu Priawan Djokosoetono. “with a reliable local partner likes Discover Luxury Indonesia who is deeply rooted into the local infrastructure and customs, luxury travelers can extraordinarily experience Indonesia.”

We are an Indonesian company, a subsidiary company under dREAMSCAPE Travel Network & Club. The group focuses on delivering luxury travel designs around the world. For more information please visit and


  • It started as a co-assignment inside dREAMSCAPE Travel Network (the parent of the group) in 2015
  • The brand was upgraded and became a subdivision by 2017
  • The launch of Discover Luxury Indonesia as an independent company with its own team, management and shareholders.

Our Vision:

To promote and develop luxurious authentic experiences throughout Indonesia with passion and expertise.

Our Mission:

  1. We focus to cater both travel and lifestyle needs for high net worth individuals traveling into and within Indonesia.
  2. We apply our passion and commitment to deliver outstanding quality and unique travel experiences by excellence in product innovation & services and outstanding digitalized network management.
  3. We strive for growth of shareholder value with high ethical standards, employee engagement and good corporate citizenship.

Our goals:

SHORT TERM GOAL (5years) :
To establish the brand as a “go-to-company” in providing luxury and unique experiences for travelers into Indonesia by building the infrastructure network and product portfolio that are competitive with the best possible customer service experience.

LONG TERM GOAL (10years):
To be the market leader in providing luxury travel experiences into and within Indonesia, and be listed amongst the world’s best luxury specialist for incoming tour operator.


Djonnie Rahmat
Board Member Pak Djonnie is a well connected and successful Indonesian business man who has passionately lead both consulting and luxury consumer goods companies with proven results. In Discover Indonesia, Djonnie supervises and monitors the HR, Corporate Culture, Business Process as well System. Outside thegroup, he is a co-owner and President of Intretek Indonesia and Chief Operating Officer for MRA Group which includes Ferrari Importer, Hagen Daz, Bulgari, Bang Olufsen, MRA Media and many more.

Bayu Priawan Djokosoetono
Bayu is an Indonesian born and President Commissioner as well owner of Bluebird Holding Group. Acquired his Economical Management degree from Pancasila University in 2002 and Master of Business Management from Monash University in Australia in 2005, Bayu oversees the development of the luxury inbound travel into and within Indonesia.

Fitri Tresnawida
Chief Commerce & Travel Designer
Founder of dREAMSCAPE,Group & Discover Indonesia, educated in the US from elementary until completed high school. She later moved to Netherlands, where she studied hospitality for several years. She received her master’s degree in international marketing in the UK before moving back to Indonesia where she founded dREAMSCAPE in 2006. An experienced and visionary entrepreneur with key strengths in sales, marketing and travel design, Fitri has established herself as the go to luxury travel designer in Asia.